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Best Fashion Accessories for Women

Best Fashion Accessories for Women

Women's fashion accessories are like the cherry on top of your outfit! They're incredibly important and can truly improve your look. Picture them as the standout pieces that catch everyone's eye. Even better, in 2024, there are lots of amazing accessories for women's style and any occasion!

So, here's a lineup of fantastic accessories for girls or women. It doesn't matter what your interests are or where you are in life. It's all about selecting items that complement your unique style and personality!

we understand the importance of not only looking but feeling great and we strive to help you feel your very best by providing you with high-quality styles sure to suit many different tastes. 

Women's sunglasses: 

Let's start with an easy yet impactful one, sunglasses. Sunglasses add a touch of glamour but most importantly, they help to keep our eyes safe from harmful UV rays. Whether you’re strolling downtown, taking the kids to the park, or hanging out poolside, sunglasses are an absolute must-have item in women's bags. Some of the different sunglass styles out there include Cat-eye, Mirrored lenses, oversized frames, and aviators.

Cat eye sunglasses:

Cat eye sunglasses give a fun sophisticated vibe and are great for accentuating your eyes and cheekbones. They pair beautifully with a flowy dress and a pair of wedges for brunch with the girls or the local farmer’s market.

Oversized frame sunglasses:

Oversized frame sunglasses also provide great UV ray coverage all while giving ultimate Diva vibes. Mirrored lenses are great if you want to make a bold statement. The reflective lenses look almost futuristic and add an edgy vibe to any outfit. Pair them with a subtle tone outfit and let them be the focus point of the look or match them with complimentary accessories. These are a timeless favorite that will always be a top choice for both girls and women.

Get What You Need Crossbody

Women's bags and purses:

Bags & purses are another important Accessory that is key to any outfit. When picking out Bags or Purses for your outfit, keep in mind that not only should you take into consideration the outfit but also your body shape.

For a curvier shape (pear or apple types), you’ll want to go with a sleek/structured bag that is more minimalist.

For a rectangular body shape, a larger more voluminous bag (think bulky shoulder bag that hangs by your hips) would help to balance out your body shape by adding more visual interest to your waist/hip area.

Some of the more commonly known purse types are clutch, wristlet, tote, cross body, and shoulder.

Best type of bags for Women:

Let's dive into what each type of bag is and what it's best worn for. Wristlets are often confused for a clutch, but though it evolved from a clutch, a wristlet is its own type of bag. They are both small and used for carrying essentials such as cell phones and keys but a wristlet has a strap that is meant for dangling from your wrist.

On the other hand, a Clutch is designed to be held in your hand. Some clutches do come with straps to carry them over your shoulder. Clutches come in a variety of styles and shapes and are great for adding a touch of chic and sophistication to your outfit.

Back in older days, Clutches used to be worn for special occasions but these days, they are worn any time of the day such as for an evening get-together with friends or a walk to your local coffee shop.

Cross Body Bags:

Cross-body bags tend to have a very long strap that is meant to be looped over one shoulder and across your body.

The bag tends to rest on the waist or hip to help keep your hands free while you’re out and about. Cross-body bags are known to be both stylish and comfortable and can be worn day or night depending on the size, color, and material.

A larger cross-body bag is great for being on the go as it can still carry quite a bit while a smaller mini cross-body bag can carry only a few essentials when you’re out in the evening.

Tote Bag:

A Tote Bag can be defined as a large, unfastened, and spacious bag. It often has double handles and a few inside pockets but none on the outside. These bags are perfect for everyday wear, they can be worn in the office or out with friends. They are made to be convenient to carry around and allow you to carry multiple items in them.

Shoulder bag:

Shoulder bags are typically smaller than totes and other handbags. They also have a closure (zipper or snap) and are the go-to for a special occasion or for any time when you don’t need to carry more than just a few things.

When it comes to selecting the right shoulder bag, you’ll want to keep in mind your body shape and size. If you are petite then a smaller shoulder bag would look best while for a larger body type.

It is best to consider a larger bag. With so many different options for colors and materials. You’ll have many to choose from to coordinate with your favorite outfits. 

Women's Jewelry:

At Jaci & Co. we offer a wide selection of Jewelry from layered necklaces to ring sets, we really do have it all. You can wear these pieces for days even weeks and they will still look amazing.

If you’re wearing a Floral top with bold colors then you’ll want to choose simple jewelry for a more balanced look. If you want to wear a statement necklace or large earrings then opt for a more simple outfit and let the jewelry elevate the look.

You’ll also want to take into consideration the neck like what you are wearing. A deep V neckline is perfect for a longer pendant necklace, a necklace with a longer chain can be perfect for a boat neck or crew neck while a chocker/shorter chain can go very well with off-shoulder necklines. 


When it comes to earrings, you’ll want to consider the hairstyle as well as the outfit and occasion. For an evening event, long or statement earrings are a great way to add a touch of glamour. For both casual and professional looks, stud earrings, or small hoops are a great choice.

Final words:

At Jaci & Co. we have an extensive collection of jewelry, bags, sunglasses, and other women's accessories. We hope you enjoyed learning more about the different types of accessories and how to use them to elevate your look

We work diligently to bring you the latest styles every week in an effort to keep our store fresh and exciting! We want you to know that we are dedicated to providing you with a high level of service and quality.

Our mission is simple yet meaningful, To empower women to embrace their individuality and express themselves through fashion.

Our commitment to your satisfaction is our top priority and we exemplify this by offering completely Free Shipping on every order, prompt customer service, and fair return policies. 

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